2003-2012  Studio 1156.  Workshop with Jaime Ferrer , Chilean artist. Miami, FL USA

1999-2003  Workshop with Isabel Viviani, Chilean artist. Santiago, Chile

1984-1988  Universidad de Chile. Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design


February 2020

Engraving  residency at ”La Siempre Habana”workshop Cuernavaca, Morelos, México under the direction of the Luis Miguel Valdes.


2019  “Onirica” / Universidad de Talca - Talca, Chile

2019  “Oneiric” / Mimara Museum - Zagreb, Croatia

2016  “Small” / Rubber Stamp art projects Gallery - Indian Wells, USA

2014  “Proyecto Pasion” / Galeria Trece - Santiago, Chile

2013  “My Passion Project “/ LMNT Gallery - Miami, USA

2012  “Twice Upon a Time” Mexican Cultural Institute, Miami, USA

2012  “Twice Upon a Time” / Chilean Embassy - Washington DC, USA

2011   Palm Beach Art Fair / Aldo Castillo Gallery - Palm Beach, USA

2010  “Twice Upon a Time”/ Nina Torres Art Gallery, Wynwood Miami, USA

2006  “Recent paintings” / Missura Gallery at Miracle Mile - Miami, USA

2002   “In Vivo” Las Brisas de Chicureo , Santiago, Chile


2019  Aqua Art Fair / Art Basel Week / Aqua Hotel, Miami Beach, USA / Rubber Stamp art projects

2019  Parc Lima / Casa Prado, Miraflores - Lima, Peru / Imaginario Art Gallery Buenos Aires.

2019  Art Marbella / Palacio de los Congresos de Marbella - Marbella, Spain / Imaginario Art  

 Gallery, Buenos Aires.

2018 “Dreaming in Color” / Chase Edwards Contemporary – Bridgehampton, NY

2018  Chaco Art Fair / Vitacura - Santiago, Chile

2018  Pinta Art Fair / Mana Wynwood, Miami, Florida – Miami, USA

2017  Scope Art Fair / Fine Art Maya (San Diego, CA )- Miami Beach, USA

2017  Chaco Art Fair / CV Gallery Vitacura ,Santiago - Chile, Chile

2017  Pinta Art Fair / Mana Wynwood, Miami, Florida – Miami, USA

2016 Spectrum Indian Wells Art  Fair / Rubber Stamp Art projects - Indian Wells,


2016 Red Dot Art Fait  / Rubber Stamp art projects – Miami, USA

2015 “Alicia 150” / Centro Cultural de Colina,  Colina – Chile

2015  Spectrum Art Fair / Wynwood Miami / With Rubber Stamp art projects, United States

2015 “2 artists exhibition” / Teatro de Zapallar / Carolina Ortiz Gallery, Zapallar, Chile

2014 "5 chilean artists” / Koubek Center ,Miami Dade College, Miami, United States

2014  Spectrum Art Fair / Wynwood Miami / With Rubber Stamp art projects, United States

2014  II Bienal de Art Contemporaneo / Centro Cultural Borges - Buenos Aires, Argentina

2013 World Art Games Croatia , Worlwide Art Network, Croatia

2013 Art Spot  Art Fair exhibit with Galeria La Sala (Chile) Wynwood  - Miami, United States

2011 “Art Voices”/ Benefit exhibit for humanitarian organizations in Mexico and Ecuador.

2011 “Before the Southern Pole” / Deering Estates - Miami, United States

2010  Arte Americas / Centro Cultural Español - Miami, United States

2010  “Ruta 2010”. Bakehouse Art Complex. Wynwood. Miami, United States

2010  “5 Naciones, un Bicentenario”. Mexican Consulate. Miami, United States

2009  “Female Visual Voices/  Studio 1156. Miami, United States

2008  “Pool Art Fair-Basel Satellite Fair" / Cavalier Hotel. Miami Beach, United States

2005 “Corazonadas” / casa de la Cultura de Colina / Colina, Chile

2004 “Gala for Coaniquem Foundation" / Vizcaya Museum / Miami, United States






"Talking about the work of Isabel Brinck, is something like strolling between the rulers of a storybook, where the visual texture of the words is confused with the fabric that their images form on the canvas. Stories ranging from the experience stored in memory, to the immediate experience that respects the feeling of the thoughts of the moment of pictorial execution. Moments and feelings that are not afraid of color or humor, saturate the format creating a literary texture linked to the world of dreams and desires.
To speak of Brinck's painting is to expose oneself to sharing his personal, if not private, experience of a reality constructed today by a woman from the beginning of the 21st century in America."


Jaime Ferrer

Established Chilean Artist 






"Clearly, her work is a reflection of what psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi would call ” a state of flow”, when the development of an activity that allows the person to be completely absorbed for his own pleasure and enjoyment, activity where time flies and actions, thoughts and movements succeed each other without pause. The whole being is involved in this activity, and the person using their skills and abilities leading them to the end ."

Roberto Vega Masso

History Professor

Universidad Finis Terrae, Santiago, Chile





“Isabel’s art is built around color and evolving space, where she develops a language of figures charged with sensuality and subtlety. Her bright and controlled use of color is her personal touch with which she builds diverse scenes where the feminine theme is presented as a dance of elements that touch the figurative and at the same time swirl around the intangible.”

Isabel Viviani

Established Artist

Santiago, Chile





"Your art is a calligraphy, a cursive letter from your spiritual communions, from your free feelings"

Federico Marchand


London, England





"You have made me a deep and passionate admirer of your line, symbolism, images, and technique. The work that you offer us consumes me in the passion that it transmits; in such a way that it leaves me defenseless before the intensity of the emotions of his message. Also, in your titles you can summarize its contents, each one I like more than the last. I enjoy your work in such a way that I feel deprived of any critical analysis, as if my mind was clouded by such enjoyment, such pleasure. Once again thank you for your work, for letting me get to know you a little through it, and for inviting me to your next inauguration. I count the hours in being able to see them live after so many months of cyber images".

Paul Schiller

PHD Professor

University of Miami





"However, your work reveals a cathartic approach to satisfying your existence."

Mark Wallis







"Visual images perhaps of poetic images imagined in the dreams of the color palette that the artist resolves in a remarkable way, to instantaneous playful realities imagined of a sweet chaos, of a round trip of labyrinthine dreams, dreamlike spaces of the man and the woman who inhabits them, perhaps small fleeting or unreal moments, dreamed on the eve of sleeplessness or sleepless night.
Colors that spin shapes, unveiled creatures, imagined of a reality that does not contain time, images that are revealed, appear phantasmagoric and that still dream, settle in the mind so as not to be blank, to paint dreams, before forget us".

Marcela Albornoz Dachelet

Directora Extensión Cultural

Universidad de Talca





"Your painting is tuning for continuous, sinuous, undulating waves. Your painting is so seductive that things happen inside you and make you want to see it over and over again, that without realizing it, you are already conquered and you only want what the painting wants to be: to be contemplated.
"Your painting is a tribute to the outdoors and a meeting in full color of poets, musicians and painters, inspired by the ethereal muse. The objective is to swallow in one go, the exuberant contrasts of the

 well-known leaders: red, blue and yellow".


Established Artist






"Isabel Brinck's painting moves between the "new figuration" and the current Chilean and Latin American painting, especially Roberto Matta's art , one of the most important references in her work. However, she explores the feminine within this figuration, making her work unique. On these foundations she unloads a whole intimate universe, where she touches on themes such as literature, family, sexuality and femininity. In my opinion, we are facing one of the main exponents of Chilean art today".

Nestor Arenas

Established Cuban artist

Based in Miami