Isabel Brinck is a mid-career professional contemporary and very prolific visual artist.

Born in Chile in 1965, Isabel is based in Miami since 2003. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from the University of Chile and worked for 10 years under the direction of Jaime Ferrer (2003-2013).

Isabel has been studying, teaching and creating art for the last 30 years and has an active participation in the Miami art scene. Her work has been showcased at solo as well as group exhibitions across America, South America and Europe. Her work is part of private collections in various parts of the world.

Isabel enjoys expressing herself visually, mainly through oil, acrylic and mixed media painting.

She organizes many of her shows through Rubber Stamp Art Projects (Miami) an artists’ run space that she co-owns and directs with another artist (Laura Villarreal).

Isabel has been working constantly and exerted herself in creating a peculiar neofiguration, overflowing with a universe of characters, metaphors and analogies that take us to a world full of spiritual meanings and  imagination, inspired by the subconscious, through automatism and where color is the real protagonist.





My art is an attempt to express my inner poetic world in an intuitive way, similar to those most unconscious thoughts in our brains, one on top of the other, intertwined thoughts.

For me there is nothing more important in life than freedom, freedom in every sense, freedom of action. That freedom is what allows me to express my inner cosmic world, my spirit.

With my art, I seek to be authentic and honest. I'm not too interested in academic tradition or rational thought. I am also looking to have fun!

My work has to do with psychic automatism to achieve my inner model. 

Creating art for me has been spontaneous encounters where I can call my "inner child".

While I paint, I awaken the innocence of my childhood and submerge myself in the freedom that allows me to be a young girl once again and break free from the complexity of the adult world for a moment. 

I like to paint to leave a print, a testimony of "being alive".

The whole idea of my art is to say things visually.




"Could it be that we are upside down, confused? Thus, by waking up in the morning to what we believe is reality, we actually fall into a state of unconsciousness that prevents us from knowing who we are, what we want, and lets our ego take control of our lives. Instead, when we sleep we actually awaken into a higher reality, a state of high consciousness, and we open ourselves to what our souls want to tell us through a dream.."

(from ONEIRIC series)